Three Tuns Great Abington Shoot Outdoor huts promotional video (below)

We were approached by the Three Tuns Pub, Great Abington to create and promote on social media, a video about their new huts. This included finding actors to be in the video, full editing of the shoot in post and promotion in the local area on Facebook. 

On release of this video the huts were booked out every evening for 3 months.

The Shoot

We planned to shoot from early evening (making use of the great light at that time) until dark - showcasing the lighting of the huts and how cozy they'd be if you hired one. We captured the project on Canon and Panasonic cameras. Drone shots captured in house (we are registered commercial Drone operators) plus lighting of the set after dark supplied by the Big G team. The greatest difficulty came in trying not to eat the excellent food!


Big G handled the relationship between the Three Tuns and a selected group of Facebook Village pages to target the local area with the vieo release. In 3 days it accrued 30k views and continues to rise. The huts where booked out for 3 months within  afew days.

We are already working on the Three Tun's next project, and handle their social media. Thanks to Chris and Karen for all their help.

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